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Post release 2017

Summary of the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn: what was in discussion

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn accomplished!

250 participants from 20 countries gathered in the capital of Estonia to discuss blockchain-based projects. Conference has become the first event of such level in the Baltics. Thanks to everybody who joined us: speakers, sponsors and partners!

Event was organized by Smile-Expo company, which has been holding regular blockchain conferences in Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic for four years in a row. Now the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference network has expanded to one more country, famous for advances in Govtech sector.

Participants discussed:

- prospects of blockchain technology in Govtech and Fintech;

- strategies of blockchain consortiums;

- establishing a decentralized electronic state;

- investments and crowdfunding on blockchain;

- capabilities of smart contracts;

- benefits of private and open blockchains;

- public recognition of cryptocurrencies;

- regulation issues;

- alternative implementation areas for blockchain.

Presentations were given by representatives of Emercoin, Distributed Lab, Bitcoin Foundation, e-Residency, WageCan, Innovations and Development Foundation, IBM, Openledger, HashCoins, Funderbeam, LHV, National Blockchain Association, BitcoinChaser, Cryptopay, cyberFund, Waves platform, and Tallinn University of Technology.

“It’s hard to imagine a better place than Tallinn to discuss blockchain. Here is the motherland of digital community,” stated Kaspar Korjus, the head of           unprecedented e-Residency project.

Thanks to e-Residency, Estonia attracted 1300 corporate taxpayers from 136 countries. Such progress was achieved thanks to developers’ efforts as well as governmental support.

“Blockchain itself does not have value without cohesion with digital identity, legal environment and efficient governance. Only by bringing it all together will we understand the real impact of blockchain technology,” believes Kaspar Korjus.

“Blockchain technology will change digital economy,” stated Polish IBM representative Karolina Marzantowicz, calling on financiers to be more open for cooperation.

One of the tasks of crypto community is to reveal the benefits of bitcoin and blockchain for a consumer. “It’s a challenge to change consumers’ attitudes, especially in the financial sphere,” said Eric Benz, CEO at Cryptopay. But, in his opinion, the advantage, retained by bitcoin, is the convenience and safety of storing assets.

Special thanks to our sponsors: HashCoins, DeCrypto, BitcoinChaser,, Cryptopay, OpenLedger, Qtum, Solvena.

We invite you to attend our blockchain conferences in Russia and the Czech Republic:

Moscow, April 19.

Prague, May 16.

Besides that, the largest blockchain conference in Eastern Europe will take place in the Ukrainian capital.