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Vlad Sapozhnikov, CEO: Why are centralized exchanges done for?

Vlad Sapozhnikov, CEO: Why are centralized exchanges done for?

The future belongs to cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain-based social networks, according to Vlad Sapozhnikov, the founder of


At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn, he will talk about a decentralized app development service, the BitShares platform and the operational concept of the cryptocurrency exchange based on it.


The speaker will focus on the special features of the BitShares blockchain:

  • BitShares and Graphene technologies;
  • BitShares: the most underappreciated blockchain;
  • Bitshares against Ethereum in building high loaded transactional systems.

Besides, the speaker will thoroughly examine one of the platform services: a cryptocurrency exchange called Unlike exchange offices with a single data storage service, the decentralized exchange is protected from hacker attacks, insured from improprieties of exchange executive staff and can’t be closed by the order from above.

Vlad Sapozhnikov will also explain the difference between and its competitors, other decentralized exchanges. Moreover, he will tell the audience why social networks, cryptocurrency exchanges and other services will be centralized in future and reject fiat money.


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